MindRight Summer Updates from Our Community Advisor

Hello my name is Antonio Nwozo and I am the Community Advisor for MindRight. I was raised in Washington, DC and jumped to the opportunity to help the youth of my city better understand the importance of mental health.

The incredible texting service that allows teens and young adults the open space and opportunity to speak freely and receive mental, social and emotional support, went down to Barry Farms Recreation Center to give the GoodCamp counselors some much needed information on how to better assist children who have potentially suffered trauma.

The Anacostia area, which is majority Black and perceived as violent, dangerous, impoverished, and apparently the perfect place to implement the next phase of the city's gentrification, has a strong history in DC. I grew up in this same area of Washington, DC and seeing the way things have changed in the last five to eight years is incredible.

Seeing the multimillion dollar recreation center smack dab in the middle of projects equipped with an indoor swimming pool, football field, and indoor basketball court where majority of the residents are on public assistance and victims of so many drug and gang-related violent acts was clear implication of a process to move the unwanted out. But slowly of course!

Much respect to those at #GOODCAMP for providing the youth who stay in the city throughout the summer the option and opportunity to be in something constructive and fun while at the same time staying clear of street violence, bad peer group decision making, and let’s not forget the police.

With such madness the community has to go through on a regular basis, training on how to recognize and to properly handle children who have dealt with trauma is imperative.
Good thing the people #GOODCAMP decided to get some trauma experts into the game!

The amazing camp Counselors got to enjoy a wide array of real life social and emotional real life activities that took their understanding of what being a camp counselor was to the next level!

This MindRight team was a fearless triple threat of brains, brawn and beauty!

We gave all of the camp counselors the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities working on trust and helping them understand the connection they have with the children they work with. The counselors shared some very eye-opening situations over the presentations. I remember one counselor saying there was a child that came to the camp crying everyday. We were able to give them some very helpful advice on how to deal with these types of experiences, thanks to our Director of Coaching, Stephanie.


We all had an amazing time with the camp and are looking forward to hearing from the ones who signed up for MindRight! I think we all made some great progress.