Frequently Asked Questions


What is MindRight?

MindRight provides real-time coaching over text message. We help you build skills to manage emotions and stress. We’re people who listen to you and your feelings without any judgement.

How does it work?

Eeach day, a MindRight coach checks in with you over text message. You can then talk about anything you're going through, and the coach offers advice. You get a team of coaches who stick with you over time, so they get to know you and work together to support you

Who is my coach?

Our coaches come from a diversity of backgrounds across the country. Some are young professionals, former teachers, community members, and college students. We interview and train all coaches to make sure they have the right intentions and skills to work with you.

Are there any rules on how we talk on MindRight?

You're not being graded or anything over Mindright, so you can talk however you want (we don't care about grammar, spelling, slang, profanity, etc) - we want you to express yourself comfortably.

So are coaches like my personal therapist?

We want to emphasize that our coaches are NOT therapists or doctors. In cases of emergency, call 911. If you're experiencing a clinical or long-term issue, see a medical professional.

Is there a situation where you would NOT be confidential?

We respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy). However, if we detect you are at risk of harming yourself, harming others, or being harmed by others, we will contact an appropriate outside agency to further support you. We will stay with you in this process.

What are people using MindRight think about it?

Check out what our current students have to say about MindRight here.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a cell phone with access to SMS text or Wifi. We can get started immediately (see our Terms of Service).

Is there a cost?

No, MindRight is free for our users, subject to your standard phone provider texting fees.


Ready to get started? Text “hi” to 886-886.

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