MindRight is a judgement-free place for growth, healing, and hope. Our coaches are here to listen and provide the support you need, no matter the topic. Text our coaches before or after school or we'll check in with you daily to make sure you're prepared for the week ahead, and we'll keep track of your progress. 

All you need is a cell phone with SMS text service to use MindRight. It's that easy!


How it works


First, we will match you with your own team of coaches who will be there to guide you through this process. 


Then, we will listen. Without judgement. We work with you to find strategies for overcoming challenges.


We'll be there to check in with you on the good days and the bad days. Text us "hello" whenever you're ready to talk at 886-886

What people like you are saying

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“Nobody usually asks me how I feel everyday... Now I have somebody to talk to when I don't feel good and when I'm having a good day... it helped me a lot by teaching me how to deal with difficult situations, and even the good things an just helped me grow as a person."

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“MindRight makes me feel like more people care about me”

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“It feels good to have someone to talk check up on you feels like I’m texting a friend.”

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“Normally when I talk to someone about something that’s fun or makes me feel good, they don’t give me the feedback that I want... but MindRight does... it’s not just people sending a text message... it’s like mentoring."

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“Thanks to MindRight I have had a huge improvement in managing stress. The jar of times I have done something good was important...The constant reminder to focus on me and try to help others was good.”

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“I hope to have a good day everyday from MindRight... I feel so much better because [before] I had nobody to tell how I felt after school.”