We believe your voice matters.

MindRight Health was founded in June 2019 with the mission of making mental health support radically accessible and inclusive.  Issues such as Black Feminist Thought, dismantling white supremacy, radical self-love, and bringing people from

historically marginalized communities to the decision-making table define how we operate. By leveraging technology, we are creating opportunities for systemic healing for youth of color.

Our work is guided by our 5 Core Values:

  1. Unconditional Positive Regard: We demonstrate unconditional respect for youth and recognize their right to self-determination for their lives.

  2. Intersectionality: We recognize the interconnected and overlapping nature of social identities, including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and immigration status. We protect the complexities of what it means to be human.

  3. Unapologetic: We are unapologetic in advocating to dismantle systems of oppression impacting youth of color.

  4. Transparency: We say what we’re going to do. We say what we mean. We keep our kids and stakeholders in the loop on what we’re doing, how, and why.

  5. Radical Self-care: We recognize self-care is an obligation to others as well as ourselves.

Pictured: MindRight team members celebrating achieving milestones in serving youth.

Pictured: MindRight team members celebrating achieving milestones in serving youth.


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Ashley Edwards

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vonetta Kalieta PhD professional picture.jpg

Dr. Vonetta Kalieta, PhD

Coach Supervisor


Dr. Jaime Mendoza-Williams, EdD

Head of Wellness


Nancy Zuniga, LMFT

Coach Supervisor


Sirrele Steinfeld

Head of Engineering


Our partner nonprofit organization, MindRight, was co-founded by Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao in June 2016 to empower communities of color to heal from trauma. To learn more about how to support that nonprofit, please contact hello@getmindright.org