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Statement of Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

As a people-of-color-led organization supporting youth of color, we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment where all people feel supported in bringing their full selves to our team. We understand how systems of privilege and oppression have shaped the world around us and actively work to create a work culture that is intersectional in its intent and impact.

Volunteer Coach

Remote Volunteer Opportunity at MindRight: Mental Health Coaching for Youth over Text Message

Do you want to advance access to mental health support, educational equity, and social justice? Join our fight to make trauma healing services accessible to millions of youth. We're a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to help youth recover from trauma. We provide mental health coaching over text message. Each day, our coaches work in teams to check in with youth and help them build positive coping skills guided by evidence-based cognitive behavioral practices.* As a coach, you become someone our students can count on. You implement our Empathize-Normalize-Stabilize coaching framework to support youth through their hard times and celebrate them during their good times. Your role is at the core of what we do. Learn more and sign up here:

*You do not need a licensure or clinical background to be a coach. We take coaches through 20 hours of training.


Description - MindRight Volunteer Coach

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Start: We are accepting volunteers on an ongoing basis


  • As a volunteer role, this position is unpaid

  • All coaching is done remotely. Need access to a laptop and reliable, secure Internet connection

  • Minimum two 2-hour shifts a week for one year, weekends available. Shifts are 6:30-8am, 5-7pm, 7-9pm, and 9-11pm Eastern Time

  • Background check required

About MindRight:

MindRight is changing the status quo for at-risk youth experiencing trauma. Our text-messaging service provides high schoolers with daily, personalized coaching around positive coping skills for managing traumatic stress. Through our service, we are making it possible for every teenager, regardless of socioeconomic background, to access mental health resources needed to recover from trauma.

The Role:

Our coaches are at the core of what we do. We are looking for volunteers to serve as coaches who provide our students with personalized coaching over text message for managing stress. The content our coaches pull from is grounded in evidence-based practices for managing traumatic and chronic stress, including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Everyday, coaches text students over our web platform following our structured conversation flow. Coaches work in teams to follow the same students and learn from each other. Daily text conversations involve asking students how they are feeling, asking or eliciting what is driving their feelings, and guiding students in developing strategies to work through their challenges. Coaches provide empathy while maintaining a non-clinical, compassionate tone.

Coaches collect student feedback and may participate in product development feedback sessions. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable brainstorming and talking through ideas; who can evaluate details while keeping in mind the bigger picture; who are comfortable testing and evaluating hypotheses; and who are open-minded and collaborative--able to assert and back up their positions while fully considering the perspectives of others.

Texting is conducted over our web platform. Coaches receive 12-15 hours of in-depth training on supporting youth who have experience trauma, using our platform, and implementing our protocols. Coaches must be able to maintain appropriate boundaries in interactions with clients and exercise judgment in accordance to MindRight values, policies, and protocols. Coaches must be willing to reach out for help when needed.

Coaches are trained and supervised by our Chief Operations Officer and Clinical Lead. Coaches receive ongoing support and development throughout the duration of their service. Coaches also join our coach community for collective learning and resource-sharing.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 1 year of experience working with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who have/had emotional/behavioral, mental health, or substance abuse challenges or equivalent previous experience. Either volunteer or professional work is acceptable.

  • Ability to interact with youth in a strengths-based way

  • Demonstrated commitment to serving at-risk communities

  • Highly organized. You will be conducting conversations with 10-20 students per day

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to synthesize information and learn quickly on the fly

  • Proven ability to present publicly and collaborate in teams

  • Ability to work independently, anticipate issues, and prioritize assignments

  • Enthusiasm for innovation, evidence-based treatment, data driven decisions

  • Effective time management skills and the ability to work semi-independently

  • Full understanding of ethics in socioemotional support and working with vulnerable populations

Preferred Additional Qualifications:

  • Personal experience in or ties to the communities we serve

  • Bachelor’s degree in progress or completed

  • Familiarity with individual, family, or group therapy for youth

  • Fluency in Spanish


Do you want to advance access to mental health support, educational equity, and social justice? Join us at MindRight in our fight to make trauma healing services accessible to all youth. We're a nonprofit on a mission to empower youth of color to heal from trauma from systemic oppression. We provide personalized, proactive mental health coaching over text message to teens.

Our Supervisors monitor and support MindRight coaches as they text with students in their shifts. Supervisors provide guidance and feedback to coaches and step in during shifts to directly provide escalated support to students over MindRight’s web application. Supervisors are a core part of the MindRight team and service delivery model. Supervisors help ensure quality of coaching and provide crisis stabilization and case management to students as needed. Supervisors collaborate with coaches, other supervisors, our Director of Student Supports, and our co-founders in developing support strategies for students. This position is a contractor position paid at an hourly rate.

Our work is guided by our 5 Core Values:

  • Unconditional Positive Regard: We demonstrate unconditional respect for youth and recognize their right to self-determination for their lives.

  • Intersectionality: We recognize the interconnected and overlapping nature of social identities, including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and immigration status. We protect the complexities of what it means to be human.

  • Unapologetic: We are unapologetic in advocating to dismantle systems of oppression impacting youth of color.

  • Transparency: We say what we’re going to do. We say what we mean. We keep our kids and stakeholders in the loop on what we’re doing, how, and why.

  • Radical Self-care: We recognize self-care is an obligation to others as well as ourselves.


  • You are committed to fostering healing in communities impacted by systemic oppression.

  • You get teens. You understand the language of teens and how to meet them where they are.

  • You are extremely organized and able to multitask and adapt to new developments in real time.

  • Masters of Social Work and License; or

  • Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling and License; or

  • Masters of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy and License; or

  • Masters or PhD in Psychology and Psychology License

  • 2+ years field or work experience supporting youth in historically marginalized communities

  • Spanish language fluency preferred

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Coach Supervisor

UX/UI Designer

About MindRight

MindRight is a tech+social justice nonprofit with the mission to empower youth of color to heal from trauma from systemic oppression. We provide daily, personalized mental health coaching to youth over text message. Through our service, we are making it possible for all youth, regardless of socioeconomic background, to access mental health support to heal from trauma.

The Team

We work on a problem we’re passionate about in innovative ways with amazing people. We are an interdisciplinary team of experts in software development, data science, clinical social work, and education leadership to transform the status quo of mental health for communities of color. Our tech team researches, designs, and develops new technologies and software to make our user's interactions with our products and services more seamless and impactful. Our technology is making it possible for young people to get the easily accessible, culturally relevant mental health support they are looking for.

The Role

As a UX/UI Designer with MindRight, you will bring the creative vision to allow our technology to blossom. You’ll be responsible for the look, feel, and workflow of multiple MindRight products. Core products are our web application where coaches message with students in back-and-forth conversations, track student areas of support and progress, and interact with supervisors; and our school partner data dashboard that enables schools to better understand and meet the socioemotional needs of students.

You will drive the design for systematic and innovative product features. You have experience in interaction design, visual design, prototyping, and user research. You bring great visual sense with a deep understanding of the subtle nuance that makes a complex product feel simple and intuitive.

This position is located in Washington, DC and offers competitive compensation, with unlimited paid time off and flexibility in teleworking.


  • Strategize, brainstorm, and define key features for MindRight products.

  • Translate abstract ideas and requirements into tangible design deliverables.

  • Collaborate closely with cross-disciplinary teams of developers, project managers, data scientists, community and youth advisors, social workers, and our coaches for changes, refinements, and ongoing improvements to our products.

  • Author, iterate, and maintain documentation including storyboards, flows, mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.


Mission fit:

  • You are passionate about equity in health and education

  • You are an advocate for youth of color in underserved communities

  • You embrace a positive, strengths-based view of mental health

Cultural fit:

  • You maintain clear ethical boundaries

  • You take initiative and can work independently

  • You hold yourself accountable to a high standard of excellence

  • You are hyper realistic about what a goal takes and optimistic that you will achieve it

  • You enjoy brainstorming with others and talking through ideas on the fly

  • You evaluate details while keeping in mind the big picture

  • You actively engage other stakeholders in developing and executing on ideas

  • You actively reach out for help

  • You give and receive feedback with humility

  • You thrive in a team that keeps it 100

Experience & Skills:

  • BA/BS degree in design or a related discipline, or equivalent practical experience

  • Three to five years of UX/UI design work experience. Preference for experience designing complex solutions for complete digital environments and portfolio of designs including software, web, and mobile

  • Experience working closely with engineers and product teams on technical projects

  • Proficiency with Sketch, OmniGraffle, Axure, InVision, UXPin, Balsamiq, Framer, or similar. Basics in HTML5, CSS3, Adobe, and JavaScript skills are a great plus

  • Ability to empathize with users

  • Insatiable eagerness to make users’ lives easier through design

  • Natural tendency to put the users first

  • Foresight in identifying potential pitfalls

  • Ability to distill complex processes into simple, clear user interactions

  • Developed visual standards and attention to detail

  • Effective written communication and documentation skills